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Welcome to my site!  


My name is Bach Rizaev.  I am a versatile photographer with international experience.


My site is dedicated to photography which I fell in love with back when I was a kid. My father is a retired camera-operator and he passed his experience on to me, teaching me to look for different angles and work whole-heartedly in spite of conditions.


The art of photography is not just about gear and techniques. It requires the ability to capture fleeting moments of life.


Every photograph must tell a story and I tell the story of your day in my photographs.I am certain that there is a beauty in every person, something that makes you special and unique. I like to work with people and to capture this uniquness even though it may not always be visible to everyone. This is why my clients are more than clients to me. 


To me you are a unique person living a special day in your life, be it your engagement, your wedding, your child's birth or just a nice warm day. You ARE worthy of saving these moments for years and generations to come!


Bach Rizaev

In 2009 I had a privilege to meet one of the people who influenced me in wedding photography Yervant Zanazanyan, a world famous wedding photographer.


Yervant is a sought after speaker at numerous professional photography conventions and conferences. He addresses up to 2000 professional photographers in a single audience who greet him with praise and ovation.


Yervant is a pioneer in the introduction of Digital Imaging in professional wedding & portrait photography, he is the creator of the magazine layout album presentations which is now the most sought after style.

Yervant is the creator of Page Gallery™ album layout software which is now a sought after tool for professional photography studios worldwide.

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